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GP-10-DT 10KW High Frequency Generator

High frequency generator is also called high frequency machine, high frequency heating machine. It is the central equipment of high frequency machinery. It is an energy converter, which can transform the industrial AC 380V electricity into a high-frequency electric field.


High frequency generator is also called high frequency machine, high frequency heating machine. It is the central equipment of high frequency machinery. It is an energy converter, which can transform the industrial AC 380V electricity into a high-frequency electric field. High-frequency generator and other equipments constitute the HF press machine and board joint machine. Achieving rapid heating, splicing, gluing, and drying. It is widely used in chemical, food and textile fields. High frequency heating is a new electromagnetic processing technology, which is widely used all over the world. The electrical components of it are all imported or domestic top accessories, such as Omron, Siemens, Eaton etc.


1. the final construction of a high frequency generator: The high frequency generator may be a power device that converts utility power into high frequency power with the mandatory power output and a selected output wave. per its construction, it will be divided into 3 types:

(1) Gap Spark Oscillator: It consists of a niche discharger, Associate in Nursing inductance and a electrical device, which might generate oscillation. totally different|completely different} capacitors and inductors will be wont to generate different frequencies and modes. The device is less complicated, however the frequency is unstable and therefore the volume is massive, and it's currently used less.

(2) thermionic valve oscillation generator: The circuit consists of Associate in Nursing thermionic valve Associate in Nursingd an inductance and electrical device to get high frequency oscillation. The frequency is stable, however the quantity is massive, the frequency is low, and there's a particular life.

(3) electronic transistor generator generator: stable frequency, small size, lightweight weight, long service life and high potency. it's a perfect high-frequency generator.

2. per the shape of excitation, there ar 2 main kinds of high frequency generators:

(1) "Self-excited" generator (self-excited oscillation of the negatron tube). It permits the frequency of the oscillatory current to vary because the ohmic resistance of the plasma changes. The self-excited generator circuit is straightforward, and therefore the oscillation, excitation, and power amplification ar all performed at the same time by one tube, that is simple to match the load ohmic resistance, and is simple to ignite the plasma, however the frequency stability is slightly poor.

(2) "It is excited" quartz frequency stabilization generator (crystal controlled oscillation). It uses the oscillation of the crystal to regulate this frequency to stay the frequency constant. the most blessings of this generator ar constant oscillation frequency, stable power, high conversion potency and powerful anti-interference ability. Its structure is additional complicated than the "self-excited" generator, however it's additional wide utilized in ICP industrial instruments than self-excited oscillators.

The excitation generator consists of crystal oscillation, frequency doubling, excitation, power amplification and different components. The frequency stability is high, however the matching of output ohmic resistance is strict. Generally, it's equipped with ohmic resistance matching network and directional coupling for stable output power. . Generally, the high-frequency generator features a stable power output, no electrical interference to the measure system, high power conversion potency, and stable frequency as attainable.


1. Plug the ability plug into an influence outlet, the ability offer should be grounded, and so connect the foot switch.

2. Take three to four layers of wet saline gauze similar in size to the conductor plate, covering on the inner surface of the conductor plate, and so near to the inner facet of the patient's thigh or the rear of the buttocks. Note that the conductor plate should be in shut contact with the skin, and no a part of the patient's body will bit the metal. operational bed.

3. once the instrumentation is connected, rigorously check whether or not the lines ar connected properly.

4. activate the high-frequency generator power switch, the indicator lightweight, action, and electrical cut-off indicators ar all lit, and regulate the electrocoagulation and electrical cut index. If the alarm lightweight is on, you must re-examine every half to search out out wherever the fault is.

5. The newly-enabled high-frequency generator is tested in an exceedingly basin with a bit of lean meat or soap before use to prove that the instrument is functioning properly and therefore the current will be adjusted. this is just too tiny, the cutting is troublesome, and therefore the cut tissue sticks to the electrical cutting ring; if it's overlarge, the cutting is just too deep, the tissue injury is massive, and therefore the electrical cutting ring is well broken.

6. If the instrument has been operating unremarkably and suddenly can not be satisfactorily cut or coagulated underneath identical conditions, stop the operation quickly, check if the position of the conductor plate is traditional, whether or not all the high-frequency cables and plugs ar firmly connected, and whether or not the conductor tip is clean. Blindly increase output power.

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