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High Frequency Corner Protection Assembly Machine

High frequency corner protection assembly machine is a new developed equipment of our company, which successfully solves the problem of how to combine the clad column and corner protection in high level customized home. Compared with traditional manual operation, the advantage of it is Incomparable.We are provide wood board joining machine,you can buy it.

wood board joining machine

1.It can splice 45° and 90° angle of corner, firm and reliable without nailing.
2.Adopting high frequency heating technology, the glue of seam will soon get solidified soon(in 60s), high work efficiency.
3.Adopting section bar slideway adjustment, suitable for various widths and heights of corner protection. Wide range of applications, achieve one machine multipurpose.
4.To guarantee accuracy, bottom of equipment equipped with standard 90°V-groove, then the production is perfect.
5.Operation is more humanized, each plate is pushed along the chute, saving the labor.